Over the next three years the network aim to develop a strong interdisciplinary research infrastructure. This includes two main aspects, establishment of data infrastructure and intellectual infrastructure.

Data infrastructure

A core platform to stimulate interdisciplinary research within this field is a common Danish data infrastructure combining national register data, ad hoc cohort data, routine data from the Danish municipalities including questionnaire and sensing data relevant for mental child health.

We have at Aarhus University taken the initiative in collaboration with Statens Serum Institute to gather all Danish birth cohorts who used the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)  in their follow up programs. SDQ is worldwide the most used instrument within this field. This instrument is also part of the Interactive child health epidemiology- a new approach that we have developed over the past 10 years. Since 2007 we have offered - a web based tool to be used in the primary child health routine service of the municipalities.

Intellectual infrastructure

The second main activity will be to establish an intellectual infrastructure by arranging monthly workshops gathering the involved research environments, international workshops and web based network structure. will arrange half yearly or yearly more broadly oriented workshops over 3-4 days inviting our international collaborators described in the following section.

We will further organize monthly meetings in groups with more specific common interest including pregnancy mental health, preschool collaborative projects, mental health during school age, technology based sensing of mental health and big data.